"Art has coached me to develop as principal investigator of a complex, multi-million dollar grant. When the grant was awarded, I requested leadership guidance from my department. My colleague had good intentions, but during the first year was only able to meet once or twice, with delays of several months between. In hindsight, I can see that dynamic organizations, in a position to place additional people in leadership positions, may not have the bandwidth to support them. Consulting an external expert, as in Art Haines, I found the support I needed. Art shared wisdom and expertise based on a tremendous breadth of experience that includes many challenges and organizations."

Marcia Weaver
Research Associate Professor, Global Health
University of Washington




Distance is surely not a deterent. Telephone coaching is just that, over the telephone. While face-to-face sessions were the norm for many years, telephone coaching provides ongoing support and just-as-effective consultation while sparing travel time and costs -- ideal for busy schedules and the need for flexibility. An excellent option for those client-coach relationships that need to take place across greater geographic distances, as in across states, for example. Tele-coaching combined with face-to-face executive coaching sessions is also a viable, custom option.

A telephone coaching engagement is designed uniquely to each client's particular needs and challenges. An assessment of the situation is first and foremost, followed by the development of an agreed-upon coaching plan.

Coaching for Excellence
The Coaching for Excellence telephone-coaching program is a comprehensive program that extends over a four- to twelve-month period. Coaching for Excellence focuses on achieving four to six critical outcomes and involvse as many as sixteen phone consultations, held every two to four weeks. These programs are appropriate for executive coaching clients wanting to make significant shifts in performance or for those who endeavor a new professional direction.

Coaching for Performance
The Coaching for Performance telephone-coaching program is an in-depth program that typically spans six to twelve months.  Often selected by clients who have completed Coaching for Excellence. This is a great next-step program to deepen skills developed and to reinforce the change process initiated in Coaching for Excellence.

Coaching Intensive
The Coaching Intensive is a very focused, short-term telephone coaching program involving two to six phone sessions. This program is designed to address difficult as well as crisis situations.