"In 2007, Art worked closely with me and my lead staff to design and implement an important and complex strategic planning process for the Milgard School of Business.  The process involved all our faculty, key staff members, and members of our Business Advisory Board.  Over a series of three half-day meetings, Art skillfully led us through a process that resulted in a direction for the future and key action priorities for moving forward. His work with our program displayed both a command of strategic planning discipline and the ability to work with multiple stakeholders in a university environment.  Our experience with Art's services speaks well of his ability to work effectively with programs such as the Milgard School of Business.."

Shahrokh Saudagaran, Ph.D., Gary E. and James A. Endowed Dean
Milgard School of Business




Team Coaching involves a range of services designed to increase a team’s ability to deliver its intended results.  These services move beyond traditional “team building” in order to more succinctly address the important leadership issues most commonly faced by teams. Issues such as concrete visioning, managing accountabilities, and communications skills under pressure, are just a few.

An assessment of the team itself as well as an assessment of the issues faced, obstacles to the results intended, or conflicts underfoot are some of the initial processes deployed in Team Coaching. A Team Coachng engagment is custom designed to meet the relevant and immediate needs of each client.

An organizaton in the healthcare industry needed to meet its customer’s needs for a significant improvement in performance, but it did not have the resources to offer their professional staff any increases in compensation.  In order to address this issue, Art designed and led a six-hour staff retreat designed to solicit their suggestions for improvement, keeping with suggestions that would not involve compensation.  The retreat focused on two areas:  1) improving communications and involvement and; 2) providing opportunities for professional development.  Art provided coaching to the leadership team on strategies for responding to staff requests and concerns in these two areas.  One outcome of this enegagement has been the implementation of a formal Professional Staff Development Program, now available to all staff.


  • Creating a Culture of Accountability and Ownership
  • Hard Conversations that Create Teams -  Giving Effective Feedback
  • Managing Effective Requests and Commitments - Delegation
  • Attention, Listening Skills, and Results
  • The Art of Acknowledgement and Accomplishment
  • Performance Management
  • Effective Task and Time Management
  • Effective Agenda and Meeting Management
  • Enneagram Personality Profile – Group Profiling Process
  • Working with Personality Types:  Communications Styles, Conflict,
    Feedback, Leadership Style, and Team Roles
  • Governance that Adds Value (Policy Governance)
  • Process Improvement Essentials for Executives and Managers
  • Project Management Essentials for Executives and Managers