"If you're looking for generalized pithy management platitudes, Art Haines can't help. If you are looking for a coaching relationship that helps you find solutions to complex issues, that emphasizes your strengths, no one does this better than Art. Working with Art, I've come to expect that I will better recognize my blind spots and opportunities while finding the most logical path to solving our organizational issues."

Josh Kermisch
Executive Director
Willamette Valley
Cancer Institute
US Oncology, 2009 - 2012



Executive Coaching is designed for those individuals specifically in upper-level executive positions. It is the development of a guiding relationship formed between a client who has executive authority and responsibility and an experienced consultant who employs a wide variety of techniques and methods to assist the executive to achieve a mutually identified set of objectives to improve his or her professional performance and personal satisfaction. Consequently, the personal objectives set by the executive have a positve long-ranging and commensurate effect on the objectives of the organization as well.

An executive-coaching engagement is designed uniquely to each client's particular needs and challenges. An assessment of the situation is first and foremost, followed by the development of an agreed-upon coaching plan.

Coaching for Excellence
The Coaching for Excellence program is a comprehensive program that extends over a four- to twelve-month period. Coaching for Excellence focuses on achieving four to six critical outcomes and involvse as many as sixteen consultations, held every two to four weeks. These programs are appropriate for executive-coaching clients wanting to make significant shifts in performance or for those who endeavor a new professional direction.

Coaching for Performance
The Coaching for Performance program is an in-depth program that typically spans six to twelve months.  Often selected by clients who have completed Coaching for Excellence, this is a great next-step program to deepen skills developed and to reinforce the change process initiated in Coaching for Excellence.

Coaching Intensive
The Coaching Intensive involves very focused, short-term coaching sessions and anywhere from two to six consultations. This program is designed to address difficult as well as crisis situations.