"Studying the Enneagram has really given our management team a foundation to build on. It given us the wherewithal when having difficult conversations, making requests, holding one another accountable. We're able to decipher each other's personality types. Knowing this allows us to adjust the conversation in order to reach success. Art helped us strengthen our capacity to trust one another, which created the space to make clear requests of one another, ask for direct feedback, hold one another accountable, make a counter offer..."

Kimberley A. Caragol
Practice Administrator
Compass Oncology
US Oncology





The Enneagram is a system for understanding and appreciating the great variety of personalities we encounter and work with every day.

While there are a wide variety of systems available for assessing personality type, I use the Enneagram as my primary tool when working with individuals and groups.

I find that the Enneagram is able to capture the complexity and paradoxical nature of our personalities while being simple enough to be grasped in a relatively short period of time.

The Enneagram helps me and my clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others in an efficient and effective manner. This in turn provides a much richer working experience for al involved, as self- and other-understanding promotes higher levels of cooperation, collaboration, and less resistance to joint problem-solving.