Thank you for the perspective you bring that includes a sophisticated understanding of the pressures academic physicians live under each day, as well as cultural sensitivities that might be present in given situations.  You have helped transform several faculty so they can reintegrate very positively back into their respective work environments with new understandings of how their behavior impacts their surroundings. 

Debra A. Schwinn, M.D.
Adjunct Professor & Chair
University of Washington



Consulting Project for a Specialty Healthcare Service Provider
This healthcare service provider held a leading market position in its region. This organization has a close, interdependent relationship with its physician specialty group comprised of a network of independent practitiioners. My client had the intention of moving its relationship with physicians to a new level of cooperation and partnership. To this end, the CEO wanted to assess the current attitudes concerning satisfaction with her organization’s services in a way that would give her a good understanding of how to improve the physician relationships.

I worked with the CEO, the chief medical officer, and physician leaders to design a survey/interview process with the objectivity of a numeric survey and the depth of an open-ended interview. Over a four-week period, I interviewed 33 of 34 members of the organization's active medical staff. Through the survey/interview process, I collected a wealth of objective and subjective information, which I distilled into assets, vulnerabilities, and four key opportunities for action.

The CEO, physician leaders, and the board of directors were delighted with the outcome of the project. One board member commented, "This is the clearest presentation I have every seen after a survey process. You not only succinctly presented the survey findings, you provided clear guidance on our best opportunities for action.”

The CEO and her staff are now engaged in action plans focused on each of the four opportunities identified in this project.

Coaching with the President of a Large Specialty Medical Group
The task was to assist this physician leader to strengthen his leadership skills as he took leadership of the board of a large specialty medical group.  A natural consensus-builder, the objective was to help him understand the strengths and weaknesses of his natural approach to leadership in his physician leadership position.  Additionally, he wanted to learn to better articulate clear goals and objectives for his position and to manage the inevitable conflict and stress of physician leadership during times of real change.  Thanks to coaching, this president has successfully guided his group through several difficult internal and external challenges and has been re-elected to this office.

Coaching with the Physician Administrator | Hospitalist Services Company
This coaching relationship was establsihed to assist this physician to more effectively manage his responses to operational problems and difficult management relationships.  Under pressure, his style of communication was to become confrontational and blaming.  As a result, he was souring relationships and limiting his effectiveness. The goal was to help him become more deeply aware of his patterns of behavior and the underlying fear of failure that drove them.  With assistance, he learned self-management and listening skills that increased understanding and enabled him to evolve into a much more effective leader and manager.  He has now moved into a new assignment in an important new project.

Coaching with the Director of a Specialty Service Department
This client was the newly appointed physician director of a specialty services department in a large academic medical center.  She replaced a director who had served in this position for over 20 years.  Young and highly qualified, she had many ideas for updating and improving practices within her department.  Unfortunately, because of her direct style, she alienated physicians and staff inside and outside her department.  The objectve was to assist her in developing the ability to manage her assertiveness, engage her team in making changes, and listen to other perspectives and ideas.  She has successfully shifted her style to more of a collaborative, team-based approach.

Coaching with the Chief Executive Officer | Community Hospital
This client, who has a 20-year tenure in her position, needed assistance to take her work to a new level of accomplishment.  We worked to shift her long-held habits of management and leadership to a performance- and results-based approach.  She is now able to make clear requests of her lead staff and followthrough on these delegations.  She is now also able to clearly communicate her vision for the future of the hospital and to work effectively with her board of directors to gain support for needed action.  She has moved from being frustrated about a lack of progress and action to assertively leading her organization to a new future.

Coaching with the Chief Information Officer of a Large Multi-specialty Medical Group
This client needed assistance to develop his executive leadership capacities in a very complex, challenging environment.  My initial work centered on rebuilding the CEO’s trust for his executive judgment and operating management capabilities.  With my assistance, he recognized that his leadership was based on fear rather than on a positive vision for success.  By the end of this work, my client had moved from having a questionable future with the organization to becomimg a valued member of the executive team and an effective leader of the information technology organization. 

Coaching with the President and Vice President | Clinical Services
The job here was to assist this senior executive in a large system to develop her leadership and management competencies through a high-pressure financial turn-around period. Through our coaching process, she learned to clearly articulate the vision, goals, and objectives for her division to the system CEO, her peers, and direct reports.  With my support, she is implementing a performance management system for her division based on a simplified Balance Scorecard approach.  In order to achieve these results, I worked with her to develop new competencies in priority-setting, delegation, and performance evaluation.

Coaching with the Vice President of a Statewide Membership Organization
The objective for this client was to make the move from director to vice-president-level accountabilities.  When we started coaching, my client had a strong desire to move up to a higher-level position, but possessed few of the executive qualities need to make this step.  I helped her to strengthen her executive leadership skills, build her confidence in relating to other executives, and create a clear vision and succinct goals for her work.  I also worked with her on her executive presence, including dress, non-verbal communications, and demeanor.  She took on a major challenge in her work demonstrating the leadership capacities that resulted in a promotion to vice president.

Coaching with the Director of Clinical Services | Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
This client needed help shifting her highly assertive and directive, black-and-white management style.  I helped her to understand how her personality was predisposed to moving into action with relatively little concern about the impact on working relationships and accountability.  We worked to shift her focus from managing tasks and solving problems to delegating accountability for outcomes and results.  She also developed a new competency in listening to and engaging her staff.  By the completion of our work, she was recognized by her superiors as one of the best managers in the institution.

Coaching with the Manager of a Software Development Company
This manager, of a major software company, need assistance with basic management/supervision, communications, and project-management skills.  During the time we worked together, she has successfully earned the respect of her peers and solid performance evaluation scores from her manager.  She has successfully moved problem performers out of her unit and is rebuilding her team, while keeping her project responsibilities on schedule and budget.  A core focus of our work has been to improve her team leadership skills -- thorough the development of more effective listening skills -- and to increase her ability to clearly delegate assignments.