"Art has been instrumental in giving our management team much-needed direction. We created a non-standard management structure that had created some challenges. Art worked through the successes and "opportunities' with us as a team. He has also been a wonderful one-on-one coach as well as a team coach. He helped us deal with uncomfortable situations and has reminded us to recognize our successes. We would not be where we are as a team without the coaching Art provided.."

Evelyn S. Brantley
CASA Practice Director
Arizona Oncology



Integral Strategy clients come from a variety of fields including healthcare administration, medicine, dentistry, education, information technology, financial services, high technology and human services. I have worked successfully with clients in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Art Haines, principal, works with executives, managers, and business owners who are blocked by significant mid-career challenges and are not sure how to overcome their problems and proceed with their plans.

Typically, Integral Strategy clients are those individuals with 10 to 25 years of professional experience who are seeking assistance with taking next steps in their career, who have difficulty creating effective action, are ready to learn better skills for more consistent results.

Art's clients are senior leaders and leadership teams charged with the success of their organization or professional practice.

Art helps clients address situations such as:

  • Your successful career has stalled. Work is no longer satisfying or challenging, and you have no clear pathway to re-energize it.
  • Organizational and marketplace demands call for you to develop new and unfamiliar leadership/management skills.
  • You have a key staff person who is not performing as needed. He or she has real potential that is undermined by poor leadership/management competencies.
  • You have lost your job. You doubt your own capability and are uncertain about options for the future.
  • You have left your job. The decisions before you are daunting, and you are not sure how to make them.
  • You are dissatisfied with reading books and attending seminars. You want to make changes, yet find that reading alone or coupled with classroom experience seldom shift deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns of behavior.

You will benefit from Executive Coaching if:

  • You want to move to a higher level of satisfaction and performance.
  • You are motivated to make real change in your professional life.
  • You are willing to adopt new ways of leading and managing.
  • You want to have a clear vision of success and to take the action needed to achieve it.
  • You are willing to work in partnership with an executive coach for the results you seek.
  • You engage in the coaching process with a high degree of integrity and honesty.