"We have utilized Integral Strategy and Art Haines as a consultant since 2003. His assistance in annual strategic planning sessions has been invaluable. In the last nine years, we have grown from a two office, two provider practice to a six provider, four office practice. Much of this growth occurred during the current economic downturn. This does not occur without planning. Art has been instrumental in helping manage our expectations and align our doctors and management team towards an agreed-upon strategic plan, with accountability."

Steven Reitan DDS
AZ Perio, LLC.


"At the core of Art Haines' approach is his willingness to tackle a problem with you. Art rolls up his sleeves and helps you tease the nuance out of any problem. Then he helps you perform a quick logic check to make sure you're on the right track. Art's unique style deftly helps you find a solution to whatever management or organizational challenge you may be facing. I wish overcoming writer's block was as simple! If it were, I'd have published a book by now!"

Steven Reitan DDS
AZ Perio, LLC.





Integral Strategy is an executive coaching and management consulting company that has been serving clients from the healthcare and higher-education industries since 2002. Over the past decade, Art Haines – president and principal – has served the cultural and operational needs of over 400 large and small organizations.

Integral Strategy's core operating beliefs include...

  1. that consulting is a partnership between the consultant and the client.
  2. that the results achieved and realized are the metrics by which to measure the success of the consulting engagement.
  3. that lasting change requires the marriage of insight with action. Insight without applied action, that includes change(s) in behavior as specified, is of limited value.
  4. action taken without first setting a good foundation that wraps comprehension with skill is often not sustainable.



The Integral Approach is at the foundation of every Integral Strategy engagement. This framework ensures that in every engagement, be it an individual coaching assignment or a major organizational intervention, takes a holistic, systems-based approach. Based upon this framework, we design interventions that realistically address the complex inter-relationships that business leaders must address.

Our approach is defined by the results measured and ascertained, once the project is completed. Before we begin a consulting engagement, we reach agreement on the objectives and scope for our work. The objectives are expressed in measurable or observable terms.

We work hard to respond to the individual needs of each of our client engagements. Each challenge is approached uniquely and systemically.  The methods used may be one or several, based on the assessments first made and the desired outcomes determined.

Every consulting relationship begins with a personal consultation at no cost or obligation to the client. This consulation enables us to determine the fit between the needs and challenges faced by our client and our skills and experience.

Before consulting begins, we will agree on the purpose and outcomes for the consulting work. We will prepare a written proposal that includes the purpose, outcomes, scope, deliverables, schedule and budget. Our work does not proceed until you have approved this proposal.

Every consulting program includes an assessment of your situation using an integral methodology based upon the thinking of Ken Wilber and others. The assessment process provides a basis to recommend the action needed to capitalize on you and your organization’s assets and to address vulnerabilities.

Integral Strategy Group uses integral thinking and methodologies in each of our consulting and coaching assignments. Although the essentials of integral thinking have been articulated by many authors, the noted thinker Ken Wilber and his book, A Brief History of Everything, is most often cited as the seminal work in this area. James Flaherty, founder of New Ventures West, a coaching and training program, is a leader in applying integral concepts to the field of executive coaching.