"Art's advice is strategically useful and his one-line "tips" on leadership are put to frequent use by both me and my colleagues. His working style is collaborative, encouraging conversations and critical thinking that points to solutions. Art is clear about what he can and will do, and he delivers on time."

Lynne K. Hogan
Associate Vice President
and Chief Advancement Officer UW Medicine Advancement


"I've learned so many techniques from Art's mentoring and coaching. Art has elevated my effectiveness as a manager and coach immensely. I have created a 'toolbox" of "Art-isms," phrases and reminders I can go to when faced with a difficult situation. Not only has Art helped me to become a more effective manager in my professional life, but he's helped me become a better human being! For that, no words of thanks are enough!"

Kimberely A. Caragol
Practice Administrator
Compass Oncolory
US Oncology






Abandon all hope of a better past, or a future like the past.

Begin with the end in mind.

The only person I can control is me.

The only intent I can know is my own.

Listening is more powerful than speaking. Listening sets the context and determines "the what" to speak…

It’s not about me.

Requests and commitments are the most effective way to forward action.

It is always more effective to lead for what you want to create rather than for what you want to eliminate. Always know what success will look like, and work to create it.

I have a choice about how I view the world, about the story I live in. And I have a choice as to how to respond to what happens.

Always know the very next step. Knowing your goal and strategy is useless if you are not in action on the very next step.

You do not need to be right. You need to create the right conversation.

We all operate with the tension between wanting independence and desiring community.

There are three fundamental truths about being human:

  1. Everything is always changing – sometimes very quickly, often slowly, many times, subtly. We cannot control or stop this change.
  2. Life tends to feel unsatisfactory. We are always attempting to hold onto things we like, avoid things we don’t like, and ignore the rest. Because everything is always changing, this is futile and leads to dissatisfaction
  3. We are all deeply connected. Our sense of separateness blinds us to the deep connections that always exist,

There are three ways to fail in business:

  1. Attempting to hold on to positive results and outcomes as if nothing will change.
  2. Avoiding information that is bad news or counter to the current plan or strategy.
  3. Ignoring everything else.